Monday, August 20, 2012

Welcome to my newest blog:  Trial by Blogging.  It is my goal to use this blog to highlight my various attempts at improving education.  Some of you may know me from the baseball (and baseball card) centric blog:  Nachos Grande.  I won't be giving up that blog anytime soon but I have decided to try and split the education related posts away from the sports stuff.  Of course, I would encourage you to check out my other blog as well if sports are something you are interested in!

In order for you to have a little bit of information of where I am coming from, allow me to introduce myself.  I am an (almost) 30 year old mathematics instructor.  I've been teaching at various colleges almost non-stop since I graduated from my undergraduate college.  I attended a 4 year liberal arts college majoring in both mathematics and computer science.  Math ended up being my true love though so I did a bit of advanced schooling, eventually culminating in a Masters degree in education (with a math concentration).  It's a long story as to how I ended up with that particular degree, perhaps for another day.  Since obtaining my Masters, I've been teaching at the same four year college in the Mathematics department.  To date, I have taught PreCalculus (with labs), Calculus I (with labs), Introduction to Statistics, Combinatorics, and our majors colloquium.  I am also currently designing (and teaching) a brand new course offering:  The Mathematics of Games and Gambling.

You will probably find plenty of more background on myself in future blog posts.  For now, it's a matter of trying to find a template that I don't despise and getting ready for the new semester (which begins in six days)!

Finally, if you have your own education related blog, let me know in the comments below.  I'd be happy to add your blog to my blog roll!


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