The Job Application Process: I Didn't Miss This One Bit.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

I've been teaching at my current institution on a full-time basis for about five years now.  Unfortunately for me, the college has a policy that people without a Ph.D. get canned after a set amount of time.  That amount of time seems to depend on who you talk to, some say 5 years (obviously not true since I'm still there), most say 6 years, and a few say 7 years.  Even in a "best case" scenario, I'd only be able to work there for about two more years.  As such, I have officially jumped back into the proverbial hiring pool.

My wife's job doesn't allow her to move from our current location so I'm bound geographically.  Unfortunately, for a person in higher ed, that's dangerous since there simply aren't that many jobs out there.  Of course, my options are further limited by my limited degree (and don't get me started on my mostly stellar teaching evaluations).

Therefore, despite still having a job for the moment, I decided I better start applying for any (and all) jobs that might be a fit for me if they are at all geographically close.  Last night, I finished an application for a vice president of student life position.  Sure, it isn't a teaching gig but it is still in higher education and I would still be able to work with students, two things that I find important.

Will I get the job?  Eh, I don't have any idea.  If I do, I'm sure the tone (and direction) of this blog will change.  Of course, I have about two readers per day so I don't think anyone will mind.

Until then, I'm still working and teaching...which means lots of lessons (and some grading).  In my Calculus class, we looked at the product and quotient rules for derivatives on Monday.  Tomorrow we will spend the class reviewing, though most of the review will be in the form of matching algebraic expressions (specifically with fractional exponents since incoming students to my calculus class seem to be universally weak with exponents/roots).


Carlos Salgado said...

Haven't you though about going into the PH.D. road?

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