Another Semester is About to Begin

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Another semester is about to begin, only this time my teaching load feels a lot lighter!  Once again, I'm teaching two sections of Calculus I (with labs) and a section of the course I developed last semester (Mathematics of Games and Gambling).  The Games and Gambling course went quite well last semester though I don't have the results of the anonymous survey that all our students take at the end of the semester.  I expect there will be a few complaints but for the most part I'm expecting good things.

So where does that leave me for Spring 2013*?
*It's weird writing 2013 isn't it?

Well, I have two big goals for the semester.
1.  In Games & Gambling:  Tailor the course to the individuals in the class.  In other words, don't fall into the trap of doing exactly what I did last semester simply because the lessons are complete.  Last semester I tried to hit the interests of the students, let's do it again.
2.  In Calculus I:  Come up with some way to make labs enjoyable learning experiences rather than current Mathematica syntax heavy monstrosities that they are now.  I did manage to rewrite one lab last semester and had fairly good results - so I know it's possible.

  What are your teaching goals for the upcoming semester?


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